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About Us

From small beginnings we have grown into PrintClever

Where it all began…


Our experience and passion for print dates back to 2011 when we started out as a small, family-run business printing T-shirts and mugs from a garage. We may have been small but even back then we were shipping internationally to customers and we have always had an eye for quality and attention to detail.

We expanded rapidly by growing our customer base and branching out into new product ranges, such as wall art. Having outgrown the humble garage we moved into a spacious new premises, which has since expanded as quickly as we have. From here we began to attract more print-on-demand customers by partnering and associating with other businesses, maximising the potential of their artwork and ideas by taking our experience of the business-to-consumer market and leveraging our knowledge of selling online direct to customers. 

It is our flexibility that stands us out from the crowd. This flexibility has allowed us to grow and adapt our product range and our processes, which in turn has enabled us to offer more for our customers and their markets

Today PrintClever has its own custom-built production facility with a vast range of printing technologies powered by a highly-skilled and growing team. We launched our business with an international approach in mind, leveraging the UK’s unique geographical location in order to fulfil product orders worldwide whilst maintaining low courier costs and fast shipping lanes.

Our mission is to never sit still. The growth of our company and helping other companies to grow is what makes us unique. You need someone to be your partner, not just your supplier. Someone who will work with you and support you side-by-side. That’s the relationship we strive to build. We are your perfect partner.

So that’s our journey in a nutshell. Are you ready to start your journey now with PrintClever?