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Environmental Policy

From small beginnings we have grown into PrintClever.

We strive to be green & fantastic

Here at PrintClever we care about our planet.

A lot of our products are printed through a process called “dye-sublimation” (or “dye-sub” as it is known more commonly). This is the most environmentally-friendly and sustainable process used for garment printing and production. It produces no waste!

During  the dye-sub process a solid is turned directly into a gas. This means no water is involved and these is zero water waste.

Compare this to traditional screen printing. Here, large volumes of water are consumed in the process which generates high levels of waste water which can pollute and contaminate the ground.

We also minimise paper waste by making use of clever online systems which automate our processes and we ensure we recycle and reuse as much as we can to help reduce excess waste. Our paper waste is even further reduced through high scale use of e-mail wherever possible. All electronic communications are printed on paper only where it is absolutely necessary to do so.

Since we offer such a wide range of products from under one roof this minimises any outsourcing and the need for more deliveries/excess transport. We also use VoIP and internet video conferencing to reduce face-to-face meetings and the need for parties to travel.