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Magento print on demand

Create and sell over 200 products all with your brand. We offer a number of different Magento integration methods from start ups to customers selling 10,000+ orders per day. Look below to see which one works best for you.

In House Production

We produce over 200 unique products from our two productions factorie based in the UK and USA. To reduce cost and improve the environment we never split ship parcels, if you order a mug and a garment both will go in the same parcel, saving delivery cost and helping the environment.

Print On Demand and Dropship Magento App

Print Clever’s Magento intergration give you access to upload your designs across 200+ products.

Once connected we handle everything. From product, to shipping your customer and Magento store will stay updated along the way.

Once submitted your app will be connected within 24 hours. 


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Personalise Me

Personalised Blanket

Personalise Me

Personalised Notebook

Personalised Products On Magento

PrintClever has hooked up with strategic partners who have the perfect solution right for you. As soon as you team up with PrintClever we will give you the software to connect to our production system, which in turn will enable your customers to personalise their very own products right on your website. PrintClever will then print on demand and either deliver direct to you or drop-ship your web orders automatically.

Magento and Print Clever


Order through the Print Clever website. Build your choosen product, select your delivery method and pay via credit/debit card.

Bulk CSV

For larger sales volume our bulk csv importer is the perfect tool. Once uploaded your orders automatically drop into our work flow system.


For high volume users are intergration is the perfect way to connect to Print Clever. 

Designed for users with over 1000 orders per month.

Order Desk

Connect to Print Clever using Order Desk. This powerful tool connects directly to Print Clever and can be connected to over 300+ shopping carts.

Our Products 

Men's Garments

Women's Garments

Children's Garments


Wall Art

Cushions & Pillows



Clever Is In Our DNA

Running a website is a full time job. From marketing campaigns, updating products, analysing page rankings, search engine optimisation and maintaining customer lists, right through to dealing with the dev team. The list is endless. So where do you find the time to produce the actual product?

The answer is simple, you don’t have to…

We specialise in print-on-demand and we have the systems in place to scale and contract precisely when you need us to. With dedicated fulfilment you know where you stand with production, delivery and product margin.

Print Clever Is Worldwide

Print Clever, United Kingdom

Print Clever
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Print Clever, United States

Print Clever
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Benefits of print on demand with

Print Clever

Clear Product Margins

Prior to any sale PrintClever will agree clear costs for products, finishes, global delivery costs and taxes.

Greater Production Techniques

Choose from a variety of canvas types, metal art and other products to apply your designs to.

Uniquely-Positioned for Global Delivery

We have strategically located our facility to avail of direct injection into the domestic Royal Mail system and internationally with UPS, DHL and FEDEX.



There are just so many hours in the day, so focusing on the company and its direction is vital. Taking advantage of the PrintClever dropshipping service gives you back that opportunity to grow your business.


Production Instantly-Scaleable

Using the PrintClever service enables you to expand and contract your product output. Tapping into available production resources only where necessary will maintain a lean sales machine.

Free Up Capital

With the online business model being paid upon order and production outsourced, it frees up capital to increase marketing.

Skilled Production Staff

At PrintClever we continually train our staff to operate at specialist levels.


Customer Care

When you become part of the PrintClever family our customer support staff will be part of your team, ready to take calls from your customers.

We integrate with all the big named ecommerce platforms and marketplaces

Let’s start talking

With years of experience and an international reach, Print Clever is not only only a print on demand supplier but your partner in growth. Using our depth and knowledge of print we work side by side to support and expand your business without the headache.Whether it be our flexible warehousing solutions, fulfilment or drop shipping services, there are so many ways we excel and expand your product range no matter how big or small.

From personalised gifts or t-shirt printing to wall art we give you the capability of selling a wide product range without the need to purchase or stock an inventory.

Essentially we are here to do the heavy lifting so you can focus on the marketing and building your brand whilst we handle the manufacturing and distribution all under one roof.