All-Over Print Towel

Product Description

Our towels come in white with a white hemed edging with a high quality soft polyester feel. We also offer these towels in three sizes. All over sublimation print avalible on this product.



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Product Range

70cm x 140cm Towel
80cm x 160cm Towel
70cm x 140cm Towel
70cm x 140cm
80cm x 160cm Towel
80cm x 160cm
70cm x 140cm Towel
500 grams
80cm x 160cm Towel
500 grams
70cm x 140cm Towel
80cm x 160cm Towel

Print Guidelines

File Type: PDF/JPG

Optimal DPI: 300dpi

Material: 100% Polyester

Print Method: Sublimation

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Eco Guide

Water-based Ink

Printed using sublimation inks

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