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Made-to-measure wallpaper murals printed with your artwork and perfect for your space.

Make a statement

Our wall murals transform any space and make for a unique feature wall. They are custom-made to the size of any room no matter how big or small and printed using UV ink with a 100 year colourfast.

All of our wallpaper murals are printed and cut into equal size panels for easy hanging. The panel sizes are based on the width of your wall and every panel has a number indicating the order in which it should be hung. Supplied with easy to follow instructions it couldn’t be simpler for your customers to apply these murals to a wall.

We offer 3 different wallpaper application types: “paste the wall”, “pre-pasted” and “peel and stick”. Each method results in a different finish. 

Every wallpaper panel overlaps its adjacent neighbour by approximately 5mm. This ensures perfect line-up and a seamless and immersive effect when standing back and admiring the image on the wall.


"Paste the Wall"

A smooth, matt non-woven wallpaper that gives great depth of colour and produces rich and vibrant tones. A high quality wallpaper that is easy to work with. Supplied with paste.


"Premium Pre-Pasted"

Similar to the “paste the wall” option. However, here the wallpaper is immersed in water which  activates the dry pre-pasted glue creating the same consistency as standard wallpaper paste.

"Peel and Stick"

A polyester wallpaper fabric with a peel-away glue backing, akin to a giant wall sticker. It can be removed and repositioned without damaging the wall and leaves no residue. 

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