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Warehousing & Fulfilment Services

From small startups to large companies, PrintClever can become your fulfilment centre and warehousing solution for the products you sell.

What is warehousing & fulfilment?

Let us become your fulfilment warehouse. You can store products sold on your

e-commerce store at our warehouse and we will fulfill your orders by shipping the products directly to your customers under your own branding.

Are our warehousing & fulfilment services for you? See if any of the below apply!

Why choose PrintClever warehousing & fulfilment?

Send us your products

You submit the products you would like to store with us. As soon as we have approved them you can send the shipment to us.

We stock them

We receive your shipment and stock your products in our warehouse. You can then sync them with your store and start selling.

We ship them

When someone orders your product we take it from our warehouse and ship it to your customer.

Warehousing & fulfilment services from PrintClever at a glance

Same day fulfilment

Orders placed by 1pm ship out on the same day

Free signup

No account maintenance fees

Global warehousing solutions

Choose to have your products dispatched from either 0f our UK or USA fulfilment centres

Affordable pricing

Friendly prices and cost-effective shipping

Skilled customer service staff

At PrintClever we continually train our staff 

Automatic order fulfilment

Our system integrates with all the main e-commerce platforms

How much will it cost?

Order fulfilment fee
Item fulfilment fee
Receiving, processing, etc.
Packaging materials
UK/EU Fulfilment
Fee varies
North America Fulfilment
Fee varies
1–200 units
201–1,000 units
1,001–10,000 units
10,000+ units
UK/EU Fulfilment
£1.40 per cu. ft. per sku
£1.20 per cu. ft. per sku
£1.00 per cu. ft. per sku
£0.80 per cu. ft. per sku
North America Fulfilment
$1.65 per cu. ft. per sku
$1.30 per cu. ft. per sku
$1.00 per cu. ft. per sku
$0.75 per cu. ft. per sku

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